Gary and Dottie Capers Foundation

The Capers Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on providing financial support in the form of donations, stipends or scholarships to recipients striving mitigate some of the barriers to success in the lives of people while reducing the sense of helplessness the above situation sometimes create. The development of complex issues connected to families of deployed members or at-risk young people has caused many to lose faith in the possibilities that await them if they are successful in putting their lives together. To accomplish this goal and have legitimate impact someone must be willing invest in their possibilities and reinforce personal respect.The Gary and Dottie Capers Foundation is so named as a legacy to Major Jim Capers’ son and wife, a bright light whose glow was dimmed far too soon. We will seek to fairly and impartially offer benevolent support in compliance with our mission and goals refer to partnering resources whenever applicable

We desire to develop a partnership with individuals, organizations, and corporations interested donating resources to collaborate with our mission that demonstrates integrity, character, and honor in all their dealings.

The mission of the Gary Capers Foundation is grounded on the following principles:

* Commitment: Maintain a commitment to our community and to those youths in partnership with the foundation.

* Responsibility: Maintain integrity of support, operations, and transactions to empower our recipients through our commitments.

* Character: To engage in relationships and activities that aligns with the Jim Capers’ legacy of honor, courage, and commitment in all dealings.

* “Building Character through Commitment and Hope through Service”

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